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Best Cyberpunk Book Reviews & Interviews with Cyberpunk Legends

Cyberpunk Interviews from Classic Authors:
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K. W. Jeter first cyberpunk book written in 1972, Dr. Adder

The Future of Science Fiction - An Interview with K. W. Jeter

K.W. Jeter has written almost 40 books including BladeRunner 2: The Edge of Human. He invented steampunk, and wrote one of the first cyberpunk novels, Dr Adder, in 1972. His books formed the basis for The Mandalorian. I interviewed him about the future of science fiction, optimism, and the value of dystopian literature...

Tom Maddox's cyberpunk book halo showing spacestation world

Halo - A Review and Interview with Tom Maddox

Dr. Tom Maddox is a cyberpunk author who wrote Halo and provided William Gibson with the idea of ICE, influencing Neuromancer, Netrunner, Ghost in the Shell, DeusEx, and Cyberpunk 2077. His book about a technocratic sentient A.I. is a classic. We discuss the book with him...

Lewis shiner's cyberpunk book Frontera cover from 1984

Social Media Usage and the Future of Sci-Fi
- A Discussion with Lewis Shiner

Cyberpunk legend Lewis Shiner worked with Sterling and others to define cyberpunk in the 80's. I discussed the future of science fiction with him, and the impacts of social media usage, while also examining his classic book, Frontera...

cover of vacuum flowers the classic cyberpunk book by michael swanwick

Vacuum Flowers - Review / Interview with Michael Swanwick

This Cyberpunk classic from 1987 holds up well to time and continues to delight. It was also one of the first books to use the term wetware. Join me in this exclusive interview where Michael Swanwick and I discuss the past and future of cyberpunk...

Cyberpunk novella by Bruce Bethke cover

Interview with Bruce Bethke - Creator of Cyberpunk

Bruce came up with the word "cyberpunk" in 1980. In this exclusive interview he discusses the history of cyberpunk and whether or not cyberpunk is "dead." Commentary by myself and Dr. Joseph Hurtgen...

The World of Null-A - Review

AI-controlled cities, corrupt enforcers, drones, robotic sentries, cybernetic limbs, organic computing brain implants. Is it the latest cyberpunk novel? No! It’s The World of Null-A, written in 1942 by the man who inspired Philip K. Dick. I review it thus…

A peculiar peril science fiction book  by Jeff VanderMeer

Interview with Jeff VanderMeer (Annihilation Movie/Book)

Multiple tornadoes churned through Tallahassee on the night of April 23rd, but I wasn’t running; I was interviewing Jeff VanderMeer, author of Annihilation, the book and movie starring Natalie Portman, to discuss current and upcoming projects...

Cover of Cyberpunk book Neo Cyberpunk The Anthology cyborg woman on night city

The Genesis Engine - Review

Jim Keen's new cyberpunk book offers a lot for cyberpunk fans who want kick-ass action within a complex world, where multiple factions are competing for control. Central to this is the idea of machine rights and space colonization. I review this next stage of Alice Yu's journey...

Cover of Cyberpunk book my fatal futility shellshock by Hemfrey

My Fatal Futility Shellshock - Overview

N. J. M. Hemfrey's new cyberpunk time-travel book is well written, with intense scenes that are fully developed at a comfortable pace. Both its action and its surreal depiction of the world will delight fans who want to immerse themselves into the genre, without over-relying on its tropes...

Cover of Cyberpunk book Neo Cyberpunk The Anthology cyborg woman on night city

Neo Cyberpunk - Anthology Review

This highly-anticipated collection of cyberpunk short stories by fifteen authors covers everything from renegade synthesizers to heartless killer androids. I review these stimulating stories...

taekwongo book cover

TaekwonGO - Review

TaekwonGO is a satirical, postmodern science fiction novel about a martial arts video game that everyone is playing in augmented reality. I review it thus...

behind blue eyes fallen angel book review cover android woman

Virtual Light- Review

I review this classic cyberpunk novel by William Gibson, the first of the Bridge Trilogy, exploring its themes of postmodernism and class division. The masterful use of extended metaphor left me spellbound...

behind blue eyes fallen angel book review cover android woman

Behind Blue Eyes Fallen Angels - Review

I review this latest action-packed cyberpunk novel which continues the popular series, with consistent world building, and a seriously complex villain, available March 24, 2021.

Cover of Cyberpunk book Noir by Kevin Jeter

Noir by K.W. Jeter - Review

A fantastic literary cyberpunk novel rife with metaphor about sex, violence, capitalism, nihilism, and everything between those sheets. I review it thus...

ornate clock

Chronopolis by J. G. Ballard - Story Review

Ballard was a major influence on cyberpunk and this story from 1960 shows where we get some of our themes from by taking a look at the role time plays in imprisoning people's lives...

Maldene II cover by Mark Anthony Tierno

Trouble and her Friends- Review

Melissa Scott's book is one of the top three cyberpunk books I've read. Her descriptions of cyberspace are incomparable. No book in the sub-genre has inspired me more, and without it, I would have never written hardly any short stories. I review it thus...

Pattern spec cyberpunk book cover by Jim Keen showing a night city

Pattern Spec - Review

Jim Keen offers a cyberpunk thriller that makes a great short read in the first of his Alice Yu Novella series. It features powerful imagery and suspense and neat tech. I review it thus...

Cyberpunk Book cover of Hoshi and the Red City Circuit by Dora Raymaker

A Girl Called Ari - Review
A post-apocalyptic novel about class

I review this book about two women traveling the wastelands, one trying to circumvent a physical wall, and the other wondering if she should circumvent a much larger wall - the wall that divides socioeconomic classes...

The demon cyberpunk book cover by tanweer dar

Review of The Demon and an Interview with Tanweer Dar

Join me as I review the new cyberpunk-themed thriller The Demon, interviewing Tan about his book, his morally ambiguous characters, and the indie publishing industry...

Auxiliary Cyberpunk Review by Jon

Liquid Cool - A Discussion with Austin Dragon

I had the honor of having Austin Dragon and Matthew Goodwin join me for the launch of Hemispheres as special guests. Here's a brief rundown of the conversation I had with Austin about his work...

Cover of Cyberpunk City by D. L. Young

Cyberpunk City Book I - Review

“Humankind is…long overdue for an upgrade.”
- D. L. Young (stated by his character)

Cyberpunk City is a new series by D. L. Young told in five parts. I cover the first book, The Machine Killer, in this review...

Cover of Upload

Upload - Review

A review of Mark McClelland's book about uploading the mind and the implications it would have for both one man, and humanity as a whole... (Interview forthcoming).

Hemispheres cyberpunk book cover by Mark Everglade

Hemispheres - Author Athina Paris Reviews Everglade's Work

Athina Paris, a gifted author in and of herself, has reviewed my debut novel. See her thoughts on the planet and the conflict...

Auxiliary Cyberpunk Review by Jon

Auxiliary - London 2039 - Review

"…Emotions swirling like oil poured into water." -Jon Richter

Jon writes a wicked cyberpunk mystery with great suspense and a grim tone that carries the plot into a twisted and satisfying ending. It's the reason why I'll never view 3D printers the same way again, as he explores the ramifications of technology.

Book cover of Dominion about artificial intelligence A.I.

Dominion - Brief Review

"But the dust cleared and there they were, hovering. It was drones! Four of them...They weren’t responding to input commands. So we tried a short bandwidth EMP. Didn’t work." --John Ford

Join me in this review of a book about A.I. and physics...

Book cover of Sherman

Sherman - Review

"Everybody’s so busy saluting the flag, they don’t notice all the people dead underneath it.” -Dr. Joseph Hurtgen (character quote)

Join me in this review of a post-modern masterpiece through the eyes of both the powerful, and the powerless, in this sci-fi meets historical fiction satire like none other...

Book cover of Arc City Stories

Arc City Stories - Scarlet - Review

"Scarlet brought the bike into a nosedive. The missile followed...but maybe she could shake it." -Todd Cinani

Todd contributes an awesome story to this collection of cyberpunk tales from new and emerging authors. I review it here...

Book cover of Neon Cortex, a cyberpunk novella

Neon Cortex - Novella Review

"A small square of the ocean was playing a loop, the waves weren't in line with the rest of the water…"
-Nik Whittaker

Nik has written a cyberpunk novella involving a missing girl, mind jacking, and tense situations surrounding problems that could only exist in a cyberpunk universe. I review the novella...

Book cover of Arc City

Arc City Stories - Neo(n) Bushido - Review

"Raven hair against the neon light. Cold steel warmed by fresh blood."
-Patrick Tillett

Check out this collection of cyberpunk stories including Neo(n) Bushido, one of those rare masterpieces in story short writing that combines action with emotionally-charged moments as he tackles the sensitive topic of human trafficking.

Book cover of The Man with No Name

The Man With No Name - Review

"The corporation had eyes and ears...everywhere."
-Tanweer Dar

Tan has written novels and short stories in the cyberpunk and horror genres. His new release is a cyberpunk novella written from multiple characters’ viewpoints that explores artificial intelligence, family ties, and what it means to be free. See the full review...

Book cover of Ego Trip

Ego Trip - Review

"(People)…like drones working for their queen bee."
-Eric Malikyte (Ego Trip quote)

What happens when a virtual reality game has real world consequences? A sheltered man is thrown into the underground in this new cyberpunk series by an emerging author to watch.

Book cover of Code Flicker

Code Flicker - Review

"A culture expressed and consumed in small bites of disconnected information..."
-Marlin Seigman (Code Flicker quote)

This cyberpunk technothriller has turned into a new series where Jacob is drawn into the corporate underworld to make runs against his former employer as part of a larger scheme...

Europa Cyberpunk Chronicle by Hurst Cover Showing City at night

Europa - Review

"With enough money, (corporations) become the government in all things but name." -- Elias J. Hurst

This cyberpunk book offers the lone journey of a man trying to make it in a world that's turned on him, hunting him down with every step. See the review...

Cyberpunk Book cover of Into Neon showing man in front of city

Into Neon - Review and Interview with Matthew A. Goodwin

"The rise of social media has left people feeling both more connected than ever, and more isolated..." -- Matthew A. Goodwin

Our relationship with technology is a core focus of Into Neon, and it fulfills this theme with great writing that keeps true to the genre. Matthew expands on his new series in this exclusive interview...

Cyberpunk Book cover of Hoshi and the Red City Circuit by Dora Raymaker

Hoshi and the Red City Circuit - Review
A Cyberpunk Murder Mystery

This is one of those rare books that makes a substantial literary contribution to cyberpunk literature, pushing authors' abilities to use cyberspace as a literary device to allow for the extension of third-person limited into new realms. Also an awesome story!...