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Night city cyberpunk ad for Hemispheres by Mark Everglade

Is Cyberpunk Dead?

A Discussion with Bruce Bethke - the creator of the word cyberpunk and author of its first story, and Dr. Joseph Hurtgen, author and cyberpunk critic...

computer server being hacked stating cyberpunk's take on hacking

Blade Runner: Black Lotus - Review

I review episodes 1 and 2 of the new Blade Runner series, a show produced under the creative direction of the man behind Cowboy Bebop. Is the series still relevant, and how does it hold up over time? Find out...

computer server being hacked stating cyberpunk's take on hacking

Violence in Cyberpunk Literature - A Study

Is science fiction creating the dystopia it's trying to prevent? Do violent books make violent people? I analyze cyberpunk novels for violent content and provide insights based on sociological research.

computer server being hacked stating cyberpunk's take on hacking

Virtua Verse - Game Review

Virtua Verse is a cyberpunk point-and-click adventure game released in May of 2020 for PC with a killer downbeat chiptune soundtrack and neon-drenched graphics. See our review as to how it plays...

technobabylon cyberpunk video game review

Technobabylon - Game Review

Technobabylon is a cyberpunk point-and-click adventure game for PC that shows the true creativity of the genre with mindblowing puzzles and adequate world building. See our review as to how it plays...

computer server being hacked stating cyberpunk's take on hacking

Cyberpunk's Take on Hacking

For years, before the internet even went public in 1991, hacking was a central trope to cyberpunk with the core maxim information wants to be free as stated in the Hacker’s Manifesto. I examine 21 cyberpunk authors' takes on the subject...

cyberpunk's take on advertising

Cyberpunk's Take on Corporations

In a time when corporations have become more rich and powerful than most countries, never has the need for a cyberpunk analysis been greater as we contribute to the eternal vigilance that is required to keep tabs on those who are keeping tabs on us.

cyberpunk's take on advertising

Cyberpunk's Take on Advertising

Everything is commodified in cyberpunk fiction. In this article we examine how 20 top cyberpunk books describe the marketing world....

cybernetic enhanced woman

Cyberpunk's View on Cybernetic Augmentations

Body augmentations are a core theme in cyberpunk lit, prompting the question, What defines humanity? We examine how 20 cyberpunk authors write about the body, part by part.
Mix and match!...


Diversity in Science Fiction

How does sci-fi treat the topic of neuraldiversity, and how does it support minority populations? Find out in my guest post on A.M. Leibowitz's blog.

cyborg thinking

Cyberpunk: Gender Roles and Class through a Post-Modern Lens

"The new hacking undertaken by cyberpunks alters the body, alters identity, and so too society. Everything is hackable."
- Dr. Joseph Hurtgen (cyberpunk author and critic)
In this discussion, we examine cyberpunk's relationship to gender and class by examining classic works...

night city screenshot of people with umbrellas with a cyberpunk vibe

A qualitative algorithm writes a cyberpunk book intro

How would a machine write a cyberpunk book introduction? I toss my computer dozens of cyberpunk books' first pages and, with some qualitative analysis software, see how it turned out...

good place cast

The Good Place - Analysis and Review

A simulated heaven running on the platform of the world’s most sophisticated artificial intelligence. Is it cyberpunk? No, it’s the fantasy series, The Good Place. I analyze its ethical philosophy.

image of an open book ready for querying a publisher

How to Write a Query Letter

My advice on how to query a novel or other work to a publisher.

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Top 100 Writer's Resources

A list of mostly free resources for writers from email marketing to literary craft, graphic production to publishing.


Words to Avoid When Writing

A list of words that fail to immerse the reader, creating distancing language and immediacy issues. Removing these words from your writing will strengthen it.

Man explores digital neon data streams

Information Access is Changing

We are moving from a read-only world to a read-write world, but what does this mean?

picture of pitbull with virtual reality headset

How do you create a new religion?
I created many religions for Hemispheres, which I based on philosophical concepts to give them credibility. Philosophical assumptions underlie all beliefs. For instance, on Dayburn, Orbis is the chief deity who sustains reality by collecting its worshippers' perspectives on life...

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