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Picture of Mark Everglade cyberpunk author of Hemispheres and Inertia books
"All great art is psychosis."

Public Appearances 2023:
Inside Story - With BBC Correspondent Humphrey Hawksley - 1/23
Don Brightman Podcast - February 24
Peter Clemson Podcast - Februrary 24
JVC Art Studio Podcast - Episode 136 - March
TeaTime Podcast - March
Word of the South Book Fair, Tallahassee - April

Written Interviews and Reviews 2023:
Reading Nook - July 2023
Book Notions - August 2023
Global Trumpeter - September 2023
From the Book Reviewer's Desk - September 2023

Public Appearances 2022:
Hosts in the Shell Cyberpunk Podcast, Early 2022
Let's Talk it Over: Song of Kitaba with Dr. Kenneth Weene - October 2022
Miami Book Fair - November 2022
Inertia Cyberpunk Book Signing at the Bookshelf.
Cyberpunk and Martial Arts - Cyberpunk Day 2022
Stuph Podcast - November 2022
12 Days of Pageturners December 2022
NBC News Radio - House of Mystery 12/2022

Written Interviews and Reviews 2022:
A Review of Inertia - October 2022
Sci-Fi Pulse
- June 2022
La La Lander - June 2022
Formidable Men Magazine - August 2022
Song of Kitaba - Cozy With Books Review - August 2022
Inertia Review by Anthony Avina - November 2022
Interview - The Creative Edge Magazine - Late 2022
Interview with Ian Benke - Late 2022
Inertia - Sci-Fi and Fantasy Network - November 2022
How to Create Compelling Science Fiction Stories - An Interview with Mark Everglade 2022
Written Interviews and Cyberpunk Reviews 2021:

Tanweer Dar reviews Hemispheres July 23, 2021
Rapid Transmission reviews Hemispheres July 29, 2021
Miami Book Fair, November 20, 2021

Public Appearances 2021:
Arm Cast Podcast (January 29th, 2021)
Chat and Spin Radio U.K. (February 14th, 2021, Part I 45:15)
SASCON Writer's Conference Presentation (February 27/28th, 2021)
Lecture at Elizabethtown College on minority issues (March 18th, 2021)
Worldshapers (March 19th, 2021)
Writing Wall Interview (March 31st, 2021)
Miami Book Fair - November 2021

Written Interviews and Cyberpunk Reviews 2020:
Rapid Transmission posts a briefing of my influences October 22, 2020
Author A.M. Leibowitz Interviews Me, August 2020
Electric Spec Magazine Interviews Me August 31, 2020
Author Mark Tierno Interviews Me May 2020
An article on Cyberpunks.com about me and other new writers
Author Athina Paris Reviews Hemispheres August 2020
Author Benjamin Fisher-Merritt Interviews me August 2020
Author Lisa Reynolds Reviews Glitch Goddess May 2020
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Public Appearances 2020:
Start Writing Podcast - July, 2020
The Author Show - Streams on July 21, 2020
Author Talk - July 13, 2020
Mildra's YouTube Gaming Channel - July 31, 2020
Virtual Book Launch on FaceBook
(with Matthew A. Goodwin and Austin Dragon) - August, 1, 2020
Reading and Writing Podcast - August 13, 2020
Chat and Spin Radio U.K - August 14, 2020 (Part 2 1:42)
The Gafiltha Show (September, 2020)
Mildra's YouTube TTRPG Gaming Channel (September 28, 2020)
Live Reading on Cyberpunk Day (October 10, 2020)
Live on Simulation Nation (October 13, 2020)
Live Reading at Virtual Miami Book Fair (November 22, 2020)

Mark Everglade is a traditionally-published cyberpunk author who has written four novels. He has sold thousands of books, with his first novel hitting #5 in its genre. His short stories have been featured beside authors such as Cory Doctorow, Cat Rambo, Walter Jon Williams, and Jim Keen. After spending his life studying sociology, he has been interviewed dozens of times by venues such as NBC News, a British radio station, and by a BBC correspondent.

Mark also helps run Cyberpunk Day most years to bring dystopian fiction to a new generation, and assisted with founding the day. He has designed book covers for cyberpunk legend John Shirley, and runs a company that publishes dystopian book bundles as featured on Gamespot, Fanatical, and other sites.

Mark's ancestor invented the field of psychology. In his free time, he enjoys DnD and RPGs, Chess, Jazz and Progressive Metal music, and anything postmodern and profound.


Contact Mark at markeverglade dot author at gmail.

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