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Cyberpunk Novels & Short Stories by Mark Everglade

inertia solarpunk cyberpunk book cover everglade

Inertia - A Solarpunk Splendor
Coming Summer 2022!

As a planet spins out of control, a young geophysicist, Ash, and her father must solve the ecological crisis using the latest cybernetics, while evading an oppressive regime profiting off the destruction. 

Blending cyberpunk and solarpunk elements creates a unique book where technology helps solve the global flooding it created.

song of kitaba cyberpunk book cover by mark everglade

Song of Kitaba - A Surveillance Story
Coming Summer 2022!

What if the government could strip your deepest secrets straight from your head, but you were prohibited from writing?

Kitaba Mahahara is caught between two civilizations, one without self-expression, and one forced to reveal everything. Torn between the ancient and modern worlds, she will pave a new way for human freedom by uniting people across all walks of life, if the Enforcers don’t stop her first.

hemispheres cyberpunk book cover by mark everglade

Hemispheres - A Cyberpunk Dystopian Novel
Debuted in Amazon's top 5 Cyberpunk Novels at 5 stars

Light is currency, light is big business on the eternally dark hemisphere of Evig Natt. Severum Rivenshear must investigate an organization intent on bringing light to everyone, rich and poor alike, by increasing the planet’s rotation speed. But will he be forced to betray the very system he’s sworn to protect?

Read the first chapter and see why 500 people read it during launch week alone.

Neo Cyberpunk Anthology Book Cover

Neo Cyberpunk: The Anthology

Mark contributes Pay-to-Play to this collection from new and emerging cyberpunk authors. Ocelot wants a new game. Bad. Trouble is, it’s not out yet, and only a fool would hack a company with ties to the police state just to steal a pre-release copy. Only a fool...

Silica's got his back, armed with a data connection and her favorite dubstep album, but what they download is hell on Earth.

Solarpunk book cover

Sunshine Superhighway - Cyberpunk / Solarpunk -

Mark contributes Digital Undertow to this solarpunk anthology, a story about a young man, Blitz, who dives into a virtual coral reef in the cybersea to shut down a destructive oil rig. A malicious line of code in the form of an eel constricts him, causing his implants to lag. Will he give up his idealism, or risk it all to save the planet?

darkness wakes short stories cover of skeleton

Darkness wakes

Mark submits his cyberpunk short story Glitch Goddess to this anthology of dark fiction, featuring Todd Cinani and other authors.

Ny-lon's an assassin hired to take out the Glitch Goddess, a construct who dances on the datastreams like a spider scurrying across its web. But the only thing more terrifying than her cult is the entity they're really worshipping.