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Mythpunk and Fantasy Book Reviews and Author Interviews

silently and very fast by valente mythpunk review

Silently and Very Fast - Review

What does it mean to be sentient? Can Artificial Intelligence ever have a spirit? Can it feel? Is the Turing Test ethnocentric? I review this award-winning novella by Catherynne Valente that explores these themes.

techno fantasy book cover bone dance by emma bull

Palimpsest - Review

What is Mythpunk? How do you access a city that you can only visit at night with a "fleshy ticket?" Let's discuss the tentative relationship between hedonism and meaning in this masterwork by Catherynne Valente...

techno fantasy book cover bone dance by emma bull

Bone Dance - Review

I review this classic mythpunk novel that pushes post-cyberpunk to its thematic limits as street gangs face off against the supernatural. How does techno-fantasy work? Find out in this review of Emma Bull's book...

speak easy book cover mythpunk

Speak Easy - Review

The Brothers Grimm are given a 1920's Prohibition Era makeover in this mythpunk book by Catherynne Valente. With themes of escapism and the connection between violence and art, I delve into a review.

cover of necromancers lament

Starlight Enclave - Review

A review of Salvatore's new epic fantasy novel, taking us far beyond Icewind Dale to the Great Glacier as Cattie-brie and her companions search for a legendary utopia to unite all races.

cover of necromancers lament

Necromancer's Lament - First Impressions

My first impressions of David Balog's Necromancer's Lament, a new fantasy novel from RockHill Publishing that explores the paradoxial art of vitae necromancy...

Book cover of Maldene by Mark Tierno showing castle fortifications and warrior

Maldene - Review / Interview
Cross-Genre Epic Fantasy at its Best

This week we're shifting gears to a top fantasy novel set to delight fans as we look at Maldene by Mark Anthony Tierno. And who better to build a fantastical world than a physicist? Discussing the book with the author, he's as passionate about the book as his characters are...

Maldene II cover by Mark Anthony Tierno

Maldene II - Review

Mark Anthony Tierno continues to astonish with his Maldene series, which will delight fans of fantasy / sci-fi blended books. I review it thus...