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Featured Article - Cyberpunk's Impact

How does dystopian fiction change society? Does it predict the future, or prepare us for disaster? Check out this eye-opening interview with social psychologist Dr. Christopher Menadue...
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Featured Game - Citizen Sleeper

We review the new cyberpunk game that describes itself as role playing in the ruins of interplanetary capitalism. Check out how it plays...
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Books by Mark Everglade:

Song of Kitaba

A Panopticon of Surveillance
is Nothing for
One Determined Woman

What if the world knew your deepest secrets? Kitaba Mahahara is caught between two civilizations, one without self-expression, and one forced to reveal everything. Torn between the ancient and modern worlds, she will pave a new freedom by uniting people across all walks of life, if the Enforcers don’t stop her.

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cyberpunk book inertia by mark everglade cover man and father in front of future underground city


Accept. Resist. Repeat.

As a planet spins out of control, a young geophysicist and her father must solve the ecological crisis using the latest cybernetics, while evading an oppressive regime profiting off the destruction.  A Solarpunk Splendor!

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  Light is Currency

Light is big business on the eternally dark hemisphere of Evig Natt. Severum Rivenshear must investigate a group set to bring light to rich and poor alike by increasing a planet’s rotation, but when he's forced to betray the system he's sworn to protect...

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Neo Cyberpunk : The Anthology

The New Wave of Cyberpunk

Mark contributes Pay-to-Play to this cyberpunk anthology. Ocelot wants a new game. Bad. Trouble is, it’s not out yet, and only a fool would hack a company with ties to the police state just to steal a pre-release copy. Only a fool... who downloads hell on Earth.

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Forever Glitched

Cyberpunk Stories from the Hyperreal

This collection takes you to virtual worlds where goddesses weave the internet in their own image, where fractals hold blueprints for revolutionary gaming devices, and where cyberspace renders as outer space, an empty void filled only by the light of your interactions.


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Hemispheres is published through RockHIll Publishing, LLC.

Legal Notices Here . Song of Kitaba will be published through All Things That Matter Press