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Praise by Renown Authors and Critics

Cyberpunk image of cyborg looking at dystopian night city

Praise for Hemispheres:

"Mark’s most recent work, the novel Hemispheres, has been very well received in the cyberpunk community."

"I found myself connecting with the material on an intellectual level."
-Lou Aronica (New York Times Bestselling Author)

"I loved how the reader is pulled into the world...and enjoyed the book immensely. Hemispheres Is a cyberpunk novel that paints itself across your mind in a landscape of descriptive metaphor."
-Benjamin Fisher-Merritt (author of Welcome to the Machine)

"The imagery reminded me of Myst and Riven."
-Athina Paris (author of Love and Madness)

"I'm loving the poetically rich text of Hemispheres, and the underlying political story of resource conflict and economic injustice is one that certainly resonates. The writing is thick with metaphor and atmosphere, creating a cyberpunk world of darkness and struggle appropriate to the theme."
-Mark McClelland (Author of Upload)

"I enjoyed it quite a lot...The prose gives it a new wave SF feel with a cyberpunk vibe. A bit like (early) Delany...Great concept with light as currency also... Hemispheres is a philosophical novel full of interesting ideas and rich prose (interspersed) with plenty of action that will keep you reading. In addition, the novel's exploration of ecological themes...(and) allocation of resources, makes it a relevant piece...a wonderful blend of cyberpunk action and solarpunk optimism."
-Marlin Seigman (Author of Code Flicker)

"This book had me gripped from beginning to end, the dense tightly written prose matching the dark gritty cyberpunk world perfectly...The characters are fantastic...Can't wait for the next one! Highly recommend this to fans of William Gibson, Neil Stevenson and Richard K Morgan."
-Jim Keen

"Hemispheres seeks uncharted territory of science fiction. Set on a planet where light is the ultimate equalizer and the premier form of currency, the novel follows a group of revolutionaries who have a plan to increase the planet's rotation, thus bringing daylight to both hemispheres. An interesting solarpunk concept to say the least. Everglade delivers an even pace that balances the novel's more philosophical moments with plenty of action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Additionally, the novel is filled with deep ecological themes, and explores the struggles of how society fights for resources, which makes it a poignant piece of fiction that can be applicable to our own lives. Final verdict? Pick it up."
Andrew Ly (See Review Here)

"I really enjoyed the book (and) the soundtrack!"
Candi - Editor at Electric Spec Magazine

"Mark Everglade's fiction is full of cool tech and cooler ideas. If you love good world building and cyberpunk, check out Hemispheres."
-Dr. Joseph Hurtgen (author of Tower DefenderSherman, Tae-kwon-go! and The Archive Incarnate). See full review here.

"Me pareció lindo que alguien trata de revivir el género cyberpunk en la literatura."
-As featured on Wired-7

"You’ve got a really interesting concept here."
-A.L. Hawke (author of Mother Savant)

"If you crossed William Gibson with Frank Herbert, then you’d get somewhere close to Mark Everglade. He creates a compelling world with meditative prose that doesn’t just stimulate the imagination, but provokes thought...If you like sci-fi that boasts showdowns with AI killing machines while simultaneously making you question the meaning of existence, then you’re sure to enjoy it.”
-Frasier Armitage (author of New Yesterday)

"Sophisticated, philosophical Cyberpunk Science Fiction with rich prose and a raft of complex characters...Everglade weaves a tale that is as intricate as it is clever. I think comparisons to Gibson are apt, but I would also cite a fusion of Star Wars and The Matrix as a good way of thinking about this original and challenging novel."
--Tanweer Dar (author of The Man With No Name)

"I thought it was great... some genuinely unique ideas... I liked that OAKs goal basically involved terraforming the plant. The book as a whole had a cool marriage between sort of space-centric scifi and cyberpunk."
-Elias Hurst (author of Europa).

"Your book does sound quite intriguing."
Nick Catron (author of Redemption and Revenge).

"I love cyberpunk. Great concept and good read. Nice balance of visual description with reaction/emotion from the main character. Easily put me in the world."
Jeremy M. Jack (author of Planetbound™, a tabletop role-playing game coming in 2020 from Successor Games, LLC.)

"I like the idea...to which our yellow sun bathes us in 'Goldilocks' is taken for granted - is huge commodity on a planet with a red dwarf barely in the habitable zone...My mind is going crazy over your intro."
-John Ford (author of Dominion, a hard sci-fi novel about A.I.)

"This intelligent cyberpunk si-fi  is fantastic. Hemispheres has the rare combination of action-packed plot, thoroughly developed characters and unique, well defined futuristic world."
-Cody Pelletier

"The book looks great!"
-Michael Robertson (author of Blind Spot).

Praise for Inertia:

"An engaging story and a worthy sequel. The brand new character (Ash) fits in well, in being relatable to the series...I can see the mechanics working throughout in terms of what computers and virtual reality can really do... (and) I'm eager to see where the third book goes."
-Athina Paris (Author, Editor)

"Mark takes sci-fi ideas and makes them part of the normal world to immerse the reader. As a professional programmer, I understand what he's doing, and it's wonderful."
-James Hill (Author of Pegasus).

"Severum is positioned as a critique of our vision of a neat split between nature and corporate existence...the tension of a world that is now connected but with cultural practices that reflect the old divide was fun to explore."
-Dr. Joseph Hurtgen (Author of Tae-Kwon-Go)

"Your book's description has a sprawling epic-feel of a Dune novel."
-Patrick Tillett  (Cyberpunk Author)

"This was such a thoughtful and captivating sci-fi read. The author does an incredible job of balancing the larger-than-life climate and the geological crisis of this fictional planet with the much more intimate personal crisis between a father and his daughter...The heartbreak as Ash struggles to connect with her absentee father while Severum tries to be there for the daughter he never knew existed was incredible to read, as it added the human element that sci-fi reads of this caliber need...The twists and turns that this narrative takes to mirror the life or death stakes perfectly of this global dilemma, and the personal story of this father and daughter duo will have readers invested until the book’s final pages."
Anthony Avina

Praise for Song of Kitaba:

"Your ideas and the general premise are interesting with clear social justice orientation, and broad implications for these extraordinary times; and it's all filled with fascinating action. I'm reminded of Ursula Le Guin and occassionally Margaret Atwood."

-Dr. Phil Smith, Editor at Autonomous Press, commenting on an early version).

"This goes back to Homer's notion that we must keep songs alive in order to keep culture alive... It really makes you think!"
-Dr. Kenneth Weene

"A great read of a scary world. The characters are fun to read, and the world building is fantastic, fascinating..."
-Cozy with Books Blog

"There's a pleasant elegance to the style and tone. Lots of bite-sized morsels of insights."
Ryan Hyatt

"You've grown a lot as a writer since Hemispheres."
-Elias Hurst

Praise for Short-Stories:

We’ve had the pleasure of reading several of Mark Everglade’s short stories recently, and the scene setting and “vibe” is perfectly tuned."

I enjoyed your unique perspective in "Misaligned"...The story has such a powerful clarity to it that reminds me of Kafka or even the tales of writers like Poe or Nathaniel Hawthorne. "Glitch Goddess" is (also) a fascinating story."
-Will Fawley (Owner of Exoplanet Magazine)

"The writing is sinewy, the narrative dreamlike, the action compelling, the tech beyond believable..." (Referencing No Virtue in Virtuality)
-Jake, Editor for 96th of October

"Nice union of cyberpunk and Lovecraft" (Referencing Glitch Goddess)
-Abbie (Drabblecast Editor)

"Very Engrossing. Gorgeously written. I like the directness and descriptiveness of the writing. The concept is very interesting and different. A fresh and original read...action-packed and full of adventure." (Referencing Glitch Goddess)
-Lisa Reynolds (Author of Defying Gravity)

"I dug your piece...What really jumped out (was) that bit where the guy gets IRL busted up while jacked into VR -- loved how that transition was written. I liked the idea of a guy coding tools to analyze a VR environment from within the environment, I can't remember if this has come up in any other fiction I've read..." (Referencing The Mandelbrot Scheme).
-M.A. Stern, Author.

"Amidst the Global Catastrophe features eerie and imaginative imagery that assists in making the text completely unique. The writing is clever. The story acts like a feverish dream keeping the reader in the dark just long enough. The writing is powerfully descriptive."
Simran Chandra - Editor for E&GJ Little Press.

"A real mind rush of ideas. Reminded me of 'classic' sci-fi like Neuromancer with the narrative style...Towards the second half I was totally engrossed." (Referencing Pay-To-Play).
-Nik Whittaker (Author of Neon Cortex).

"A truly immersive, visceral experience." (Referencing Pay-to-Play)
-Michael Robertson, author of Blind Spot).

"You write with such a perfect cyberpunk style in the story that it drew me in and kept me reading." (Referencing Pay-To-Play)
-Matthew A. Goodwin (Author of Into Neon).

"Killer story... You explain information well. Many of the descriptions are beautifully done. The story is raw -- lots of emotion." (Referencing N0-V@'s Judgment)
-Dr. Joseph Hurtgen (author of Sherman)

"It has the perfect feel!" (Referencing Digital Undertow).
-Jessica Augguston - Editor-in-Chief of JayHenge Publishing

"I enjoyed your story. You executed the cyberpunk tropes well." (Referencing No Virtue in Virtuality)
-Jack Bryson (Teleport Magazine)

"We were impressed by the musicality of the prose." (Referencing This Flesh)
-Matt Burgess (EcoTheo Review)

"(This) was very imaginative fiction with an obvious passion for storytelling. There was a wonderous use of backstory that caught the reader unware, and the story was thick with plot and insight into every brushing of a character. You masterfully endowed each with their own sense of morals and plights, as well as revealed both light and dark within a small...space." (Referencing The Knower and the Doer)
-Louise Hall (Editor of The Common Tongue Magazine)

"A beautiful piece of writing" (Referencing Project AURA)
-Gregory Rapp, (Editor of Free Radicals)

The premise of mixing theology, horror, and science fiction really appeals to my sensibilities" (Referencing Project AURA).
-C. M. Costa (Editor of Voice from the Void)

"(A) good flash of hi-tech overwhelming daily life." (Referencing Commercial Break)
Karl Rademacher - (Editor of Silver Blade)

"Very interesting world about a defender of nature fighting a greedy corporation." (Referencing Good for the Hive
Karl Rademacher - (Editor of Silver Blade)