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Cyberpunk Blog Post 7 - My dog does Virtual Reality

pitbull with virtual reality headset
Last night, my pitbull, Lily, was curious about virtual reality. She didn't react to it much, however. Dogs see in a different color scheme, have a different point of view, and their eyes refresh at a different rate. Human eyes have a shutter speed of 10,000th of a second. I have heard dogs can't see CRT televisions because the frame refresh rate doesn't synchronize correct with their eye refresh rate.

In my upcoming book, Hemispheres, everyone except the religious fanatics warring against technology have artificial eyes installed to augment reality -- however most people don't think about their human eyes as having a "shutter speed" or a "refresh rate." The basic principles of optics are the same in organic design. Now the occipital lobe is a whole 'nother story...

They developed a camera that operates exactly like the human eye. But it produces pictures that look unnatural that no one likes.


Do some research on the occipital lobe - the real world human mind has freakin' photoshop built into it! How cool is that?