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Blog Post - Information Access is Changing

"High broadband usage makes everybody a potential cyberpunk."
-Dr. Herlander Elias
Spaceship over blue planet in space cover of science fiction book Nantais

Information is everywhere, but the way we interact with it has changed, bringing up important topics regarding its flow and the definition of sharing versus stealing data information.

We used to live in a read-only memory world, a ROM world, where we read articles and couldn't react, couldn't respond. Now everyone can publish their opinions, and it's a read-write permission world; everyone can contribute to wiki democratically and comment on news articles and such, but when we are telemetically fed these by targeted algorithms, then we are allowing A.I. to manufacture our consent to our own opinions.

The Gutenberg Printing Press changed the world by allowing information to be copied more readily than scribes. Now we can copy entire libraries of information onto a flash drive! But given this level of access to information the line between data theft and sharing has had to be redrawn multiple times ever since Napster, and is still a grey area in some regards.

As Dr. Herlander Elias (2009) writes, "High broadband usage makes everybody a potential cyberpunk... Cyberpunks never understood another way of doing things besides sharing. They lived upon that concept; a collective role was always on their sight. (But) where does share culture begin and cyberpunk outlaw theft end?"

I recommend everyone keep friends with different opinions than themselves. Examine the sources of your information before buying into it. Avoid A.I.'s feeding you intel by exploring alternate social media sites, as many are gaining footholds.


Elias, Herlander, (2009). Cyberpunk 2.0 Fiction and Contemporary. Labcom: Covilha, Portugal. Available at URL: https://labcom-ifp.ubi.pt/ficheiros/elias-cyberpunk2-06-2009.pdf